Model City Hall

MCH 2021 Committees & Background Guides

Public Health in Toronto

Chairs: Sonya Pallapothu & Simran Powar

Health and well-being concerns continue to rise amidst the city buzz of Toronto, Ontario. The Public Health and Well-Being committee intends to discuss pertinent issues such as the rise of assault and violence; the epidemic of substance abuse; and the overwhelming concern of mental health problems targeting Torontonians, and to discover strategies of improvement through friendly debate. Specifically, this committee aims to expose youth to health and well-being concerns that currently plague Toronto so that we can better accommodate and serve our community. Please be wary that topics such as sexual assault and suicide will likely be mentioned during our discussions. If these topics cause you discomfort, we recommend that you join another committee that interests you.

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Housing, Homelessness, and Social Supports

Chairs: Jeneen Mohd & Palwisha Imran

The Living in the GTHA committee will discuss issues related to affordable housing, homelessness, and social support systems throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The intent of this committee is to bring awareness to these issues and to allow delegates to develop a deeper understanding of what impacts their communities today. In addition, GTHA youth will have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, voice their opinions and recommendations on how municipalities can better support their population, and be able to present their suggestions to city councillors.

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Dismantling Discrimination within Hamilton

Chair: Gladys Kozyra

The Dismantling Discrimination Within Hamilton committee aims to discuss human rights issues presented within public sectors in Hamilton. The committee will also present short-term and long-term resolutions to hopefully aid in the creation of a more welcoming and inclusive Hamilton. The public sectors to be addressed are politics, education, and law enforcement, all of which have been historically and systematically oppressive to certain marginalized populations. Please be aware that this committee will cover a variety of issues related to human rights violations, so topics such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, and police brutality may be touched upon.

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