Model City Hall

MCH Online Rules of Procedure

General Rules

Each attendee represents their own opinion

Personal pronouns are allowed to be used

Please be respectful of other attendees at all times

Five Major Processes

Primary Speaker’s List → Moderated Caucus → Unmoderated Caucus → Presenting Working Papers → Voting on Working Papers

1. Setting the Agenda (Primary Speakers' List)

Used to decide which topic should be discussed

Attendees can direct message the chair to be added to the Primary Speaker’s List

This will determine the order in which attendees speak until the list has been exhausted

2. Formal Discussion (Moderated Caucus)

-Used to discuss the topic decided by the Primary Speaker’s List

-Attendees can raise their hand in the Zoom call if they want to speak

-The chair will pick an attendee to speak and unmute them

3. Informal Discussion (Unmoderated Caucus)

-Used to draft working papers describing how to address the issues being discussed

-The chair will prepare breakout rooms and Google Docs for attendees to collaborate 

-Attendees can choose which breakout rooms and Google Docs to join

4. Presenting Working Papers

-Each working paper will be presented to the committee by the attendees who worked on it. If passed, it becomes a resolution.

-Other attendees can ask questions about the working paper during the following Q & A 

-Attendees can also suggest revisions or amendments to the working paper

A working paper template can be found here

5. Voting on Working Papers

-The entire committee will vote on whether to pass the working paper 

-Working papers will be passed if over 50% of the committee votes in favour of passing it

-Attendees can abstain from voting if they are unsure of their stance on the working paper


Procedural Matters

-Processes 2-5 can be repeated depending on the flow of debate

-Attendees must vote on what process they want the committee to follow

-Speaking times and the duration of caucuses will be up to the chair to simplify the rules

-Direct messaging can be used to contact the chair or other attendees