Model City Hall

Model City Hall Toronto

Welcome to our Toronto division. Model City Hall Toronto organizes a free annual, one day conference held at Toronto City Hall that aims to improve civic engagement among high school students. Students from all over Toronto choose a committee, where they simulate council chamber debates and collaborate to create documents that provide solutions to key municipal issues. The issues discussed and resolved correspond with recent debate items in City Hall.

Councillors, Trustees and Non-profit leaders are invited to participate in our collaborative committees, where they hear what Toronto youth have to say, thus creating positive dialogue between the decision makers of today and tomorrow. Our events have also been attended and promoted by MPs, MPPs, NGO leaders, and other prominent community public sector leaders. 

To date, Model City Hall’s Toronto division has hosted five conferences at Toronto City Hall (since 2015) and two Youth Speak Up events for provincial/federal elections. Over 500+ high school students have attended our conferences, and we have 1,500+ students in our our MCH network. In a mere five years, many of our alumni attendees have gone on to study at Ivy League schools, run in student council elections, start businesses and NGOs, and even run for office!

Beyond the annual conference, MCH Toronto hosts Youth Speak Up events for provincial and federal elections. So far, MCH Toronto has hosted two YSU events and we hope to host more events in the future.

We have engaged 1,000+ youth in local politics through our conferences, events, ambassador program, & and partner program!

We have engaged 1,500+ youth in our wide network of sponsors, partners, politicians, and other prominent supporters

The MCH conference has been featured in news outlets such as CBC News, BlogTO, and!