Model City Hall

In 2019, Model City Hall partnered with McMaster University and the McMaster Department of Political Science on a project to develop a capstone undergraduate course called “Model City Hall Hamilton — Capstone Experiential Learning Course in Politics & Public Policy.”

*The course has been postponed due to COVID-19.*

Course Description: 

In this course, students will learn about the local system of municipal governance, and examine a selection of current policy issues such as public transportation, affordable housing & homelessness, climate action, waste diversion and electoral reform. Through reviewing staff and media reports on their selected policy issue, participating in facilitated discussions with city staff, civic leaders and stakeholders, and observing city council and/or committee meetings, they will learn what lies behind political differences on these issues, and how this shapes policy decisions, outputs and outcomes. At the end of the course, students will facilitate and support a one-day “Model City Hall Hamilton” conference. They will apply their acquired understanding to prepare policy briefs that will be made available to MCHH delegates. They will play the role of “legislative & policy staff” in a simulated municipal council and governance structure, supporting MCHH delegates in their deliberations and policy decision making.