Model City Hall

Model City Hall 2021 Executive Team

Conference Chairs

Oyin Aderibigbe

Oyin is a senior at Hillfield Strathallan College. She is an active member of her school’s Model UN delegation, having travelled both locally and internationally to debate. She is thrilled to be co-leading the this year’s edition of Model City Hall! In her spare time, Oyin adores creative writing, reading historical literature, theatre and learning languages.

Tina Liu

Tina is a junior at White Oaks Secondary School. Being a past MCHH delegate herself, she enjoys advocating for youth in her community and has a penchant for social justice in healthcare. In her free time, Tina loves playing music, working out, and playing video games with friends.

Assistant Conference Chair

Lillian Guy 

Lillian Guy is a first-year Humanities student at McMaster University, with interests in history, political science and philosophy. Actively involved with Model UN during high school, she is passionate about all things legal and political as well as interested in promoting accessibility and accountability at all levels of government and legislative affairs. She can often be found scrolling through Twitter, (re)watching Law and Order SVU, or taking pictures of her cats!

Academic Directors

Kate Folsetter 

Kate Folsetter is a grade 12 student at Westdale Secondary and is excited to attend the University of Ottawa. They are passionate about advocating for Women’s Rights, LGBT Rights, and accessibility for disabled people. She is passionate about politics, equity and social justice. They are active in their school community through Poetry Club, Student Council, and the school newspaper. She has been a MCHH delegate, participated in OLA Model Parliament, and is excited to be a member of the MCHH executive team. In their spare time Kate can be found walking their dog, writing poetry, and reading.

Rand Amer

Rand Amer is a senior at Westdale Secondary School. Her passion for equity in her community, students’ mental and physical wellbeing, and equality in education motivates her to share her voice through creative writing. With past experience in Westdale’s Model UN club and MCHH, she is ecstatic to be one of MCH’s Academic Directors this year. In her spare time, Rand enjoys reading and writing creative non-fiction, hiking, and spending time with her cats.

Committee Chairs

Palwisha Imran

Palwisha Imran is a senior at Westmount Secondary School interested in pursuing a career in Civil Engineering. With a passion for Civics, she has joined MCHH in hopes to make an impact alongside her fellow team members for the Hamilton community. In the time she spares, you will find Palwisha cheering on the Toronto Raptors and spending as much time as possible with her friends & family.

Jeneen Mohd

 Jeneen is a grade 11 student at Westmount Secondary School. She has participated in previous MCHH and MCH conferences as a delegate and is excited for her role on the MCH Executive Team as a Committee Chair. She is passionate about advocating for and promoting equity, inclusivity, and accessibility, specifically within education. In her free time, Jeneen enjoys playing piano, reading dystopian novels, crocheting, outdoor walks, and spending time with her family.



Simran Powar

Simran Powar is a senior at Westmount Secondary School. In hopes to connect with people and the community, she has worked in medical camps and volunteered in places all throughout Hamilton. She wants to venture into the medical field post-secondary and hopefully go to McMaster! In her freetime, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. She cannot wait to be a part of MCH ‘21 and discuss different aspects of our city!

Sonya Pallapothu

Sonya Pallapothu is a grade 12 student at Westdale Secondary School. Her ultimate career goal is to become a lawyer, but in the meantime, she advocates for youth voice as Co-Editor-in-Chief for her school newspaper, Co-Director for Westdale’s Students of Colour Support Group, and as a committee chair for the 2021 Model City Hall Conference. Her hope is to pursue political science at McGill University and continue her journey in the field of journalism and other forms of advocacy. In her free time, Sonya loves to watch movies, read books, and write creative fiction.


Gladys Kozyra

Gladys Kozyra is a Grade 9 French Immersion student at Westdale Secondary school who is very passionate about politics, math and music. As part of Westdale’s Model UN delegation, Gladys has found a love for discussing and finding solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues and is very excited to be a committee chair for the first time at MCH ‘21! Outside of school and Model UN, Gladys can be found practicing the violin and viola, reading, and studying for the University of Waterloo’s math contests.

Sponsorship and Outreach Directors

Laura Khurana

Laura is a senior at Westmount Secondary School with hopes of attending law school in the future after completing an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. She has joined MCHH as she hopes to make an impact for those in Hamilton. In her free time, Laura enjoys finding new movies and tv shows to watch as well as finding new learning opportunities.

Rodaina Aboelela

Rodaina Aboelela is a grade 11 student at Richmond Hill High School. She is a passionate advocate for youth leadership and student involvement and as a result, is heavily involved in her community, from being an executive for 4 youth non-profit organizations and several school clubs/councils to pursuing multiple forms of public speaking and debate through her involvement in Model UN conferences, and TEDx events, as a TEDxYouth Speaker. In her free time, Rodaina enjoys playing the violin and flute, reading, binge watching TV shows, and playing chess. 

Logistics Directors

Malaravan Balachandran


Malaravan Balachandran also known as Mal, is a 3rd year APLS student at Lakehead University. He is heavily involved with Rotary, volunteerism, activism, and MCH. He’s passionate about the innovative use of data to enhance decision making processes. As an advocate for young people Mal strives to create, and better platforms that allow young people to learn and develop. One such platform is Model City Hall, and through his logistics position he hopes to create a virtual conference that’s accessible and inspirational for all. 

Ife Aderibigbe

Ife is a 10th grade student at Hillfield Strathallan College. She is a Power of The Pen Writing Award Winner, a member of the Model UN delegation at her school, and the founder of the Teacher Appreciation Committee, which was made to support her school’s teachers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. In her spare time Ife can be found rollerskating, creating jewelry, or sewing.

Sharnova Nashra

Sharnova is a ninth-grade student at White Oaks Secondary School. She is highly interested in social justice and elevating youth voices in the community. Sharnova is a member of the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture, speaking numerous times at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair on emerging topics impacting society. During her spare time, Sharnova enjoys playing the alto saxophone, chess, and hiking. In addition to her previous experiences, she is eager to take on her role as a Logistics Director at MCH 2021.

Marketing Directors

Deema Abdel Hafeez

Deema is a grade 10 student at Saltfleet District Highschool. She is extremely passionate about advocating for equality, and speaking up for youth and women’s rights. She is a Speaker’s Idol Award Winner, Head of Student Council, Creator of the Saltfleet newspaper “Storm Buzz,” a HWDSB Senator of 4 years, and a Cohort 10 Member of the Ontario Minister’s Student Advisory Council. She is enthusiastic for her first time working with the MCH Executive Team as Marketing Director, in hopes of empowering other youth to take interest in sharing their voice and standing up for what’s right. In her free time, you will find Deema nose-deep in any and every type of novel, skateboarding, playing volleyball, scrolling through TikTok, and excessively online shopping.

John Kerr

John is a junior at Ancaster High School. He’s a DECA and SHSM student with an interest in student voice and has participated in his Student Council, HWDSB Senate, and as a writer and editor for the school’s newspaper. In his free time, he’s an active volunteer in his community and can regularly be found wrenching on his classic car.

Media Director

Salsa Sarhan

Salsa Sarhan is a third year student at McMaster University. She is currently pursuing an Honours of Political Science & Labour Studies with a minor in Public Leadership. Salsa has joined MCH as the Media Director. She currently sits on the Bridging Borders Hamilton Executive Team as the Media Coordinator and on the McMaster University Black Students’ Association as the Vice President Outreach. Salsa believes that creating atmospheres where individuals feel safe and welcomed is crucial for the success of this conference. With her free time, she pursues her passion of photography and runs a successful small business called @hamontsalsa! You can find her re-watching all of the Marvel movies.