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Roles and Responsibilities

Model City Hall Hamilton is looking for executive members for the 2018-19 executive team to run our 2019 conference in Hamilton City Hall. Executive position applications will be open until December 5th. Both high school students and post-secondary students are encouraged to apply. Make sure to read about the responsibilities of each position before applying. Contact us at staff@modelcityhall.org if you have any questions!

Committee-Specific Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Chairs are responsible for:

  • Writing a background guide for their committee
  • Co-chairing a committee on the day of the conference
  • Communicating with the Academic Director
  • Attending Committee Chair training sessions leading up to the conference

The Academic Director is responsible for:

  • Training Committee Chairs
  • Overseeing the development of the Committee Chairs’ background guides
  • Working with professionals to ensure the background guide is objective and factual for delegates

Logistics Directors are responsible for:

  • Creating the agenda for the date of the conference
  • Communicating with prospective speakers/adult attendees leading up to the conference
  • Communicating with the Co-Chairs
  • Organizing the purchase of materials for the conference
  • Financial and administrative director

Marketing Directors are responsible for:

  • Establishing Model City Hall’s social media presence
  • Creation of marketing strategies (physical and online) for Model City Hall
  • Regularly updating Model City Hall’s social media channels
  • Working with the Graphic Designer to spearhead promotional campaigns
  • Ensuring that the conference has a good turnout

Outreach Coordinators are responsible for:

  • Collaborative spokesperson for external organizations to affiliate with and meet with
  • Create opportunities for Model City Hall’s presence in Toronto to engage with youth
  • Ensure the connection of MCH contacts

Sponsorship Directors are responsible for:

  • Applying for grants and sponsorships
  • Getting money (minimum of $500) for the conference
  • Creation of sponsorship plan

The Ambassador Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Managing team of ambassadors to ensure they fulfill their role
  • Work with Outreach Team to spread the word of Model City Hall
  • Plan events and other activities with the ambassadors

The Media Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Photography during the conference as well as prior
  • Working with graphics and marketing to produce content prior to the conference
  • Executing larger-scale media projects.

The Graphic Designer is responsible for:

  • Creating promotional posters for the conference
  • Working with the Marketing Directors to spearhead promotional campaigns
  • Please submit a portfolio along with your resume and application

WebMasters are responsible for:

  • Updating the website and any other online platform as needed
  • Knowledge in HTML and CSS is looked highly upon
  • Please submit a portfolio along with your resume and application
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