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Theresa NguyenCo-Conference Chair
Theresa is entering her third year of Mechanical Engineering with a Dual Degree in International Development at the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University. She self proclaims to have “lived in a bubble” unbeknownst of the world of politics until high school, where she started debating and learning about politics more seriously. After working with Model City Hall for 3 years, she is now the Conference Co-Chair and is excited for what’s to come for Model City Hall, and hopes everyone has the opportunity to be involved with the current state of affairs in their lives. She also loves musicals, film, the environment, and is afraid of ketchup.
Lucas Wong Co-Conference Chair
Lucas is a first year Automotive Engineering student at UOIT. Despite taking a sabbatical from extracurriculars, he has unfinished business with is still committed to his one true love, Model City Hall. As a result of his unlimited meal plan and lack of extracurriculars, Lucas will either fatten up or get deezed by the end of the year #freshman15. This past summer, Lucas coached softball and emotionally sterilized himself by working at a summer camp. If anyone finds themself in the middle of nowhere, a.k.a. Oshawa, Lucas can be found having existential crises in the UOIT Library or drinking his feelings out with a mixture of Nestea and Sprite in the UOIT Dining Hall thanks to his 30 hours of class each week.
Alexander GolesznyAcademic Director
Alexander Goleszny is going into 11th grade at University of Toronto Schools and is serving as one of Model City Hall’s Academic Directors. He is passionate about both Model UN and local politics. He helped found and now runs his schools Model UN Society and has been a delegate at numerous conferences where he has won a number of awards. He enjoys debating both Canadian and American politics and also participates in DECA where he has won 3rd place at the international level. When he has free time he loves going out to eat or to read about finance.
Robert WuAcademic Director
UofT (for the layperson, University of Tears) has really taken a toll on Robert. To get away from it, he looks to Model City Hall 2018. Having done Model UN for three years and chaired multiple conferences, he is relatively excited to be the Academic Director for MCH for a second year, as he neglects MATA37 for the Infrastructure Committee’s background guide. We look forward to seeing his dedication in editing background guides and denying all committee resolution proposals.
Shahan MahmoodAmbassador Coordinator
Shahan is a high school student hoping to achieve a level of self-actualization, one that he hasn’t quite fully defined yet. As youth are hammered down, and their ability to contribute to society are questioned, he greatly believes that youth can be a crucial part of a much larger spectrum of change in politics. He realizes that articulating this can sometimes be hard. Really hard. Although Shahan knows that it isn’t impossible. Youth are the definition of future change, and intergenerational equity is much needed in a world where social norms and beliefs can conflict with aspirations of self-fulfilment. As a Grade 12 student, Shahan hopes to amplify the need to emphasize and stimulate civic engagement among youth in his final years of high school, and it’s organizations like MCH which are a step closer in that very direction.
Aaron SegalAmbassador Coordinator
Aaron is very excited to be participating in model city hall as an executive this year. In addition, he is vice president of his student council, president of a youth group, and participates in many extracurricular activities. When Aaron is not busy, he likes to drum or sing. Aaron started playing drums when he lived in Montreal. Aaron has lived in three cities; Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. Aaron has enjoyed living in each city, however he enjoys Toronto the most as it has given him the greatest community.
Firuza HuseynovaLogistics Director
Firuza Huseynova is a Grade 11 student attending William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. Firuza is passionate about all things mathematics and finance, and hopes to pursue a career in that field in the future. Through her involvement with organizations such as DECA, self-created economics-based publication ‘The Global Voice’, and of course, Model City Hall, Firuza strives to be involved in her community and inspire others to do the same. In her spare time, she enjoys watching TV, sailing, scrolling through Twitter, and doodling.
Amin AliLogistics Director
Amin is a Grade 11 Student at Sir John A Macdonald CI. He first got involved with MCH as a delegate to Youth Speak Up 2015, which happened in advance of the last Federal election. After being an ambassador last year, he is joining the MCH team this year as Logistics Director. Amin is keenly interested in politics, international elections, economics, and education policy issues. Besides Model City Hall, he is involved in other organizations such as TDSB SuperCouncil, the student senate of the TDSB, and the New Democratic Youth of Canada, the youth wing of Canada’s NDP.
Cheryl CheungMarketing Director
Amin is a Grade 11 Student at Sir John A Macdonald CI. He first got involved with MCH as a delegate to Youth Speak Up 2015, which happened in advance of the last Federal election. After being an ambassador last year, he is joining the MCH team this year as Logistics Director. Amin is keenly interested in politics, international elections, economics, and education policy issues. Besides Model City Hall, he is involved in other organizations such as TDSB SuperCouncil, the student senate of the TDSB, and the New Democratic Youth of Canada, the youth wing of Canada’s NDP.
Kabisan Thanendran Marketing Director
Kabisan Thanendran is a grade 11 student at Turner Fenton Secondary School. This will be his first year as part of MCH as a director of Marketing. Outside of MCH Kabisan attends conferences on sustainable growth around the world including attending the youth assembly at the United Nations. He is interested in science, business and economics and is an avid entrepreneur.
Stephanie SimpsonCommittee Chair
Stephanie Simpson has been doing Model United Nations and Model City Hall style debate for several years and loves to engage in stimulating discussion about important world issues. Currently attending her final year at Bloor Collegiate Institute, she is a proactive member of her school community, as a co-president of the school’s MUN club, president and founder of the charity group “Off the Streets” which aids local homeless organizations, and a senior advisor for the debate team. She is excited for another year of debate and MUN competitions, and looks forward to the opportunity to lead a committee at Model City Hall this year. In her spare time, Stephanie loves spending time with friends, getting to know new people, as well as rock climbing and music.
Selina HsuCommittee Chair
Selina is a grade 12 student attending Don Mills C.I. and a committee chair for Model City Hall. She has taken part in her school’s Model UN club since grade 9 and is grateful for the opportunities she has had to learn and grow. She enjoys exploring issues from different points of view and is fascinated by the diversity of opinions in the world. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reveling in Broadway musicals, and living in a state of existential crisis.
Bonnie LiCommittee Chair
Bonnie Li is a grade 11 student at St. Robert Catholic High School. Passionate about economics and international relations, she enjoys reading and research. Bonnie is actively involved in her school and community, where she takes part in several sports and instruments. With a bi-cultural background, she is keen to engage in discussions regarding international politics and economics. She is highly excited to be a committee chair and to work with other execs for the school year.
Niam PattniCommittee Chair
Niam is a grade 12 student at William Lyon Mackenzie C.I. He has attended Model City Hall twice in the past, first in 2015 and then in 2017. He was a SuperCouncil executive for 2 years and is very passionate about solving student-related issues. He is a student leader who strives to empower youth to create change and become more involved in their communities. On Model City Hall this year, Niam is serving as a committee chair. He wants to grow the conference and have more students attend so more youth can have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. Niam is very excited for the year to come and he can’t wait to see you all at MCH 2018!
Neelesh ThakurCommittee Chair
Neelesh is in grade twelve at Monarch Park Collegiate. He is president of his school’s DECA chapter, and mock trial club. In his free time he can be found binge-watching episodes of The West Wing or House of Cards. He is an avid biker, swimmer, and a huge fan of Formula 1. On Sunday mornings you can find him camped out in front of the TV watching the Grand Prix live. He enjoys travelling, reading, spending time with family and friends, and doing the crossword puzzle in every morning’s newspaper. After high school he plans to study law. In the past he was a delegate at Model City Hall and continues to develop his interest in politics as a returning Committee Chair this year.
Kandeel ImranCommittee Chair
Meet Kandeel Imran, a strong youth leader from Toronto, Ontario. Kandeel is dedicated to advocating for commendable causes through her work at non-profit organizations focused towards social action for low-income youth, refugees, and women and girls. This fall, she is entering the Co-op Social Sciences and Humanities Program at the University of Toronto, where she hopes to major in Public Policy.
Andy JinCommittee Chair
Andy Jin is currently studying Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. After being in Model City Hall for 2 years, Andy will be serving as a committee chair for the 2018 MCH conference. Other than municipal politics, his interests include aviation, history, and accounting.
Jacky LeeCrisis Coordinator
Jacky Lee is a grade 12 student at Earl Haig Secondary School. He started his involvement in politics at the federal level by volunteering for a local member of parliament. Jacky first joined Model City Hall in 2015 as an ambassador to promote youth advocacy and involvement in their civic duties. Currently, he is a crisis coordinator for the 2017-2018 term, where he hopes to improve the conference experience for every delegate and develop his leadership skills. His goal is for students to be more aware of issues in their community and take action. Whether that is coordinating volunteers for a political party, or simply voting. Furthermore, Jacky volunteers for Toronto’s cultural events, including Doors Open Toronto, Canada Day, and Nuit Blanche. He loves to spend his time reading and going out with friends and family.
Reza Qurban-AliCrisis Coordinator
Reza Qurban-Ali is a grade 12 student at Richmond Hill High School. First involved with Model City Hall in 2015, Reza quickly gathered the realization that his passion for politics included the issues most close to home as well. On days when he isn’t binge watching Game of Thrones, you’ll find Reza working on one of his public speaking or business competitions. Reza is excited to be working on your riveting crisis plans for this year’s Model City Hall as your Crisis Coordinator.
Salman ShahidCrisis Coordinator
Salman Shahid is a grade 12 student at Bayview Glen School. He first attended Model City Hall as a delegate in 2016, then chaired the Infrastructure committee in 2017, and will chair again in the upcoming 2018 conference. Outside of MCH, Salman loves Model UN, cooking, artificial intelligence, and economics. Salman is excited to have another successful year with MCH.
Taylor DallinOutreach Coordinator
Taylor Dallin is a grade 10 student at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts and passionate student leader. She loves taking part in advisory councils and participating as an executive for many student-led organizations. At school, she is the Eco Club President and Deputy Secretary-General for Model UN. Taylor’s passions lie in fostering student community involvement and increasing civic engagement. She has received awards like the Ruth Watson Academic Achievement Award and the Ontario Principals’ Council Student Leadership Award for her commitments to supporting the community. In her free time, she enjoys reading, volunteering, and spending time outdoors. Taylor is delighted to be joining Model City Hall as an Outreach Coordinator this year.
Seena Makari Outreach Coordinator
Seena Makari is a hard-working and compassionate student at Earl Haig Secondary School, who is currently serving as one of Model City Hall’s outreach coordinators for the 2017-2018 school year. He enjoys reading, going on walks, biking, playing pool, and exploring the city of Toronto with his friends. He loves spending time with people whose opinions differ from his, and he believes that he can learn many lessons from them. Seena decided to join the executive team at Model City Hall, as he supports open-minded discussions of political issues, which is a key value at MCH. Like all of the other executives, Seena is ecstatic to witness what MCH is going to accomplish in the coming year, and hopes that the delegates share his excitement.
Mark (Yi Han) ZhangWebmaster
Mark Y. H. Zhang is a grade 12 student at Richmond Hill High School. He is Model City Hall’s first webmaster ever to be in the executive team. At school, he is the president of computer science club as well as the webmaster for his school’s student council. Outside of school and MCH, he is also the Chief Technology Officer at Fuse Society. During his free time, you would most likely find him doing some personal programming projects and playing the piano. Fun fact, Mark only listens to non-lyrical classical and jazz music. This year he is looking forward to appropriately utilize technology to accelerate MCH to its goals.
Frank HuangPhotographer
Frank Huang is a photographer for the media committee at Model City Hall, as well as a grade 11 student attending Earl Haig Secondary School. He likes to consider himself a pretty laid back person who likes to talk about literally anything—except for Jake Paul’s obnoxious Youtube antics. In his free time, you can usually find Frank creating memes on Photoshop, coming up with conspiracy theories, stalking his friends on LinkedIn (check me out @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-h-224b3b128/) , or simply trying to up his photography game. Although Frank claims to be a very “innovative” and “diligent” individual, it’s ultimately up to you to judge. But one thing’s for sure- he’ll get the job done… even if it means bribing his friend last minute to write his MCH Bio.
Mateo Huegel
Mateo HuegelCommittee Chair
Natalka Bowley
Natalka BowleyCrisis Coordinator
Sara Reza
Sara RezaPhotographer